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Publish Your Music - for Composers and Arrangers in eSheet Acrobat pdf format

  • MusicForAccordion.com empowers you to publish your music, compositions and arrangements, to accordionists throughout the world.
  • MusicForAccordion.com can assist you to with typesetting and information how to make your compositions and arrangements available in eSheet format. If you have printed music you wish to sell, go to Sell Your Printed Music for information.
  • MusicForAccordion.com is advertised extensively on Accordions Worldwide, the worlds largest accordion internet site.
  • Earn Money, as 50% of every music sale is paid to you. We now require you to have a Paypal account (an account is free) and if you do, then we add another 5% to the payment to cover the Paypal costs for accepting your payment. This makes it easy for MusicForaccordion.com to pay small amounts. You have no site design or set up costs, no shopping basket costs, no hosting fees, no membership fee, no credit card charges - all these overheads and costs are paid for you by MusicForAccordion.com.
  • MusicForAccordion.com advertises your music at our cost, NO cost to you, on the Accordions Worldwide network of sites, the world biggest network of accordion websites.
  • You own the copyright of your music. Copyright Payable
  • The composer can sell his/her compositions without copyright being payable.
  • The arranger can sell without copyright payments being required for all pieces which the composer has been dead over 50 years.
  • For arrangements of pieces which the composer is alive or has not yet been dead for 50 years, MusicForAccordion.com can arrange payment of the copyright if you request. Please make sure that MusicForAccordion.com is made aware if any piece is still under copyright.
  • Copyright Protection: Your composition or arrangement is protected from unauthorised copying by international copyright laws.
  • No contract required as either party may stop whenever they wish.

To find out how to list your music or further information, please email musicforacc.com@yahoo.com about how MusicForAccordion.com can best sell your eSheet music to the world. Please put in the subject of your email, the word "accordion" or "MusicForAccordion.com" so our spam protection system does not delete your email.

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