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Beijing Children's Palace BAIDI Accordion Orchestra is a not for profit orchestra composed of young people. Many of its members have more than ten years of performance experience, and have made outstanding achievements in a variety of performances and competitions worldwide.

The group has developed a varied accordion repertoire over a number of years, which includes accordion solos, chamber music, concertos and ensemble works. The group has given concerts at the Beijing Century Theater, the People's Liberation Army Theater, the National Centeer for the Performing Arts, the French International Accordion Art Center and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The orchestra gave a special concert in Washington DC at the invitation of the organizing committee of the 60th Coupe Mondiale, and this concert gained wide attention and admiration for the orchestra. The orchestra also took part in the 4th International Accordion Festival in Japan.

This album includes 18 ensemble works performed by the orchestra from 2007 to 2008. The OB recording was produced in the 200 year old 'Shou Huang Dian' Royal Palace, under the supervision of the famous recording engineer Geng Chun. The layers and space of the studio which appears in the Chinese ancient royal architecture merge with the youthful performance to present glamorous accordion music to music fans.

This album is for the members of the Beijing Children's Palace, in honour of their growing experience, unlimited enthusiasm and dream of music.

About The Conductor:

Chen Weiliang was born in Beijing in 1970. Influenced by his family, he learned to play accordion when he was young and showed great ability. Since then, he has participated in many competitions, and his performances attract the whole accordion field. In addition, he has made demonstration recordings for the amateur accordion exams run by China's Central Conservatory of Music.

Mr.Chen has studied the art of accordion ensemble since 1998 and his groups have won in Ensemble Group of the Beijing International Accordion Fair on four ccasions. Furthermore, he won the third rank with the Weiliang Accordion Ensemble Group in Ensemble Group of the Castelfidardo International Accordion Fair in Italy.

Mr.Chen has been the conductor of the Beijing Children's Palace Baidi Accordion Ensemble Group since 2004. He has held many concert in Beijing, Shanghai, Japan and France. After an invitation from the American Accordion Association, the group performed a concert at the 60th Washington International Accordion Competition which made great waves in Kennedy Art Center.

In August 2008, the ensemble group held a special concert in the Concert Hall f China's National Center for the Performing Arts.

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