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Title: Emotion and Fantasize- Double Album
Catalog: baidi02eT

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Individual eTracks

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1. Spring Festival Overture Huanzhi Li
arr. Rui Li, Weilang Chen
4:47 €1,15
2. The Happy Yi People (Folk music of Yi Nationality - an ethnic group of China) arr. Rui Li, Weilang Chen 02:32 €0,80
3. The Song of the Four Seasons Araki Toyohisa,
arr. Jian Zeng
02:28 €0,80
4. Russian Dance A. Schutankev, adapted Rui Li, Weilang Chen 04:55 €1,15
5. Dance of the Clowns Rimsky Korsakov adapted Rui Li, Weilang Chen 01:31 €0,80
6. Walking in Paris Waltz U. Jutila,
arr. Alexander Dmitriev
03:56 €0,80
7. The Forever Sunshine on the Grassland MeiLiQiGe adapted Rui Li, Weilang Chen 05:06 €1,15
8. The Arlesienne G. Bizet
arr. Curt Herold
03:20 €0,80
9. Brasilia Barozov
arr. Willi Munch
04:50 €1,15
10. The Moon Reflected in the Fountain Yanjuen Hua,
arr. by Jiqing Yu
08:08 €1,15
11. La Cumparsita Gerardo Rodrigues
arr. Rui Li, Weilang Chen
03:00 €0,80
12. Sabre Dance A. Khatchaturian,
arr. Rui Li, Weilang Chen
02:05 €0,80
13. Ethiopian Boy A. Khatchaturian,
arr. Rui Li, Weilang Chen
01:54 €0,80
14. The Flight of the Bumble Bee Rimsky Korsakov
arr. Anthony Guerra-Lilly
01:25 €0,80
15. The River Seine Gerard,
arr. by Tianyu Zhang
02:31 €0,80
16. The Pink Panther Henry Mancini, adapted Marianna D'Incau 02:45 €0,80
17. Under the Double Eagle J. F. Wagner
arr. Rui Li, Weilang Chen
03:32 €0,80
18. Russlan and Ludmila M. Glinka, Adapted by Kabalevsky 05:17 €1,15
1. West Side Story Leonard Bernstein
arr. Heinz Ehme
09:58 €1,45
2. Bossa Nova Viktor Vlasov 02:53 €0,80
3. The Syncopated Clock Leroy Anderson,
arr. Bob Harms
02:25 €0,80
4. An American in Paris George Gershwin 09:56 €1,45
5. Swiss Express Polka Celino Bratti 02:57 €0,80
6. Waltz No. 2

Dmitri Shostakovich

arr. Rui Li, Weilang Chen

03:43 €0,80
7. Tritsch-Tratsch Polka Johann Strauss II
arr. Rui Li, Weilang Chen
02:35 €0,80
8. French Ballade V. Novikov 05:49 €1,15
9. Rassipuha Victor Gridin 05:57 €1,15
10. Samba Carnival V. Novikov 03:46 €0,80
11. Porgy and Bess George Gershwn
arr. Werner Niehues
13:53 €1,45

Bai Di Accordion Band is a tutti troupe made up of young people. For many years, the band has held a series of special performances at many grand venues, such as Music Hall of Grand National Theatre, Beijing Century Theatre, Opera House of People's Liberation Army, ect. It was also invited to give a performance for the 4th Japan International Accordion Festival, and at the French National and International Accordion Center and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In 2007, the band was invited to America by the organizing committee of the 60th Accordion World Cup, and won broad recognition. Nowadays it has become the biggest accordion band in China with the most luzuriant voice parts and the most extensive list of songs.

This album collects 29 ensemble and concert pieces recorded between 2007 and 2010. All the songs are recorded by master recorder Mr. Chun Di in the Palace of ShouHuang, which is a royal hall with a history of more than 300 years. The ample layers of stereo and the ambience of the ancient royal building merge with the band's fresh interpretation to provide the antique music experience.

This album is dedicated to all the memory of growth and love of music of band members.


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