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Revis A Fairy Tale (1978)
1st mvt, The Childhood Of Chichikov

A. Schnittke 2:25 € 0,80

Revis A Fairy Tale (1978)
2nd mvt, Officials

A. Schnittke 2:25 € 0,80

Revis A Fairy Tale (1978)
3rd mvt, Valse

A. Schnittke 2:39 € 0,80

Revis A Fairy Tale (1978)
4th mvt, The Overcoat

A. Schnittke 2:07 € 0,80


V. Chernikov 4:02 € 0,80

"Also Sprach Zarathustra". Partita in 4 Movements. (1990)
1st mvt, Kadenz

S. Berinsky 2:19 € 0,80

"Also Sprach Zarathustra". Partita in 4 Movements. (1990)
2nd mvt, Tanz

S. Berinsky 3:41 € 0,80

"Also Sprach Zarathustra". Partita in 4 Movements. (1990)
3rd mvt, Choral

S. Berinsky 4:59 € 0,80

"Also Sprach Zarathustra". Partita in 4 Movements. (1990)
4th mvt, Wiegenlied

S. Berinsky 5:09 € 1,15

Toccata Nr. 1 op.24

O. Schmidt 6:31 € 1,15

Sonata Partita in 6 movements for clavicembalo op.57 (1986)
Aria No.3

E. Podgaits 4:21 € 0,80

Sonata Partita in 6 movements for clavicembalo op.57 (1986)
Ragtime No.4

E. Podgaits 1:40 € 0,80

Sonata Partita in 6 movements for clavicembalo op.57 (1986)
Nocturne No.6

E. Podgaits 3:20 € 0,80

Suggestion Diabolique, Op4, No.4 (1908-1911)

S. Prokofiev 2:35 € 0,80
15. March From The Opera "Love To Three Oranges" op. 33 bis No.3 (1919) S. Prokofiev 1:28 € 0,80

os601: Eternal Returning CD
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In 1978 Alfred Schnittke composed incidental music for the The on Taganka. Revis fairy tale after many of Gogol's works. The character Chichikov round head wearing children's cap, the head was being fed with kasha and this lively person was swallowing up this kasha with appetite. A spledid metaphor particularly revealed the words about a boy who had been able to save the money since his childhood.

The character of the officials is very severe and unfriendly but among them there are those who know and love music and their passion for it could be easily made out. And here is an essential part of the XIX century a ball. But everything is false and puppet and sarcastic music of Schittke is reproducing this mood marvelously. The first theme of the Valse is a tune from Russian orthodox requiem. And finally "Rhe Overcoat". The performance directed by Lubinov was made plastically. E.Kochergin presented the space of Gogol's work like some sphere cut down to semicircle of overcoat cloth which became a basis for miracle play.

The "Noctourne" by Vyacheslave chernikov presents an evolution of the tradition of Fild's music. This is declaration of love in the night wiyh all its features despair and dilution.

Partita "Also sprach Zarathustra" by S. Berinsky is dedicated to Friedrich Lips. At first partita was composed for organ in february 1990. This worked started collaboration of S. Berinsky and F. Lips, and, a result the composer wrote 9 works for bayan and chamber ensembles. Images are imposed by complex world at Zarathustra, where the main themes are superhuman and eternal return.

"Toccata"by Ole Schmidt ws written and dedicated to Dutch bayan-player Morgens Ellgard. the genre of Toccata (word to word: strike, touch) began in the XVI century. In the XVII century it became an indepentdent genre and in the XIX century develops as virtuosity piece. Schmidt suppoted the tradition: virtuosity runs through all the work.

"Sornata-partita' by Efrem Podgaits was written for harpsichord. There are six movements in it. All evolution of music passes through the structure of the work: (Fuga-Valse): from Baroque (Prelude-Jig-Saraband) through Romanticism (Nocturne-Aria) to the XX -century music (Ragtime). Lyrical episodes of the Sonata -Partita: Nocturne, Aria and Ragtime are presented in this CD.


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