kpaier102: Accordion CD by Klaus Paier
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  Name Composer / Arranger Time
1. Tango For Astor Klaus Paier 7:01
2. Fables Of Faubus Klaus Paier 5:02
3. Blueseven Klaus Paier 6:37
4. Ballad For Susan Klaus Paier 6:00
5. Vibrations Klaus Paier 5:34
6. Milonga Klaus Paier 5:30
7. Get Around Klaus Paier 3:46
8. Lament Klaus Paier 5:53
9. Le Voyage a Paris Klaus Paier 3:31
10. Violentango Klaus Paier 3:32
Sound Samples:
  Name Time mp3 size file
1. Tango For Astor 29s 346kb
2. Fables Of Faubus 30s 354kb
3. Blueseven 30s 352kb
4. Ballad For Susan 30s 352kb
5. Vibrations 29s 352kb
6. Milonga 30s 352kb
7. Get Around 29s 351kb
8. Lament 29s 351kb
9. Le Voyage a Paris 29s 347kb
10. Violentango 30s 347kb

Stefan Gfrerrer and Roman Werni have been Klaus Paier's fellow-travellers in music for many years. Theri accordion, bandoneon/bass/drums line-up is a rather rare combination of instruments. All the more credit to the trio's success and popularity around the world. Be it in Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw or Israel, audiences are enthralled in concert halls and jazz clubs, that are almost always sold out, and critics full of praise for the ensemble's outstanding musicality.

Guided by the idea of a piano trio, the three instrumentalists formed a cohesive group that stands out due to its great unity. Klaus Paier, Stefan Gfrerrer and Roman Werni flood their listeners with musical ideas, captivating them in a timeless labyrinth of pulsating moods.

Klaus Paier's compositions feature all the influences and elements of styles which the accordionist has dealt with in the course of his career so far: the complex spontaneity of jazz, the vivacious passion of Tango Nuevo, the disciplined aspect of European classical music, the complex tradition of European folk music. With completely natural dedication and great relish, he explores the various facets of this music. Stefan Gfrerrer and Roman Werni are incredibly surefooted companions and renowned soloist rolled into one. Their rhythmically dense, immediate communication transports the music, now filigree and fragmentary, now lavish and ecstatic, into a completely othertimely atmosphere. For the CDs "Movimiento" and "Live" (both PAO), the Klaus Paier Trio was nominated for the Austrian music prize, the "Amadeus Award".

Stefam Gfrerrer has been playing with the Klaus Paier Trio since the end of the nineties. He studied classical double bass in Klagenfurt (Ratislav Zatloukal) and jazz in Graz (Wayne Darling). Looking back, he has performed together with Enrico Rava, Bobby Shew, Peter Erskine, Erich Kleinschuster, Lee Harper and Jay Clayton.

Roman Werni has been working with Klaus Paier since 1994. After studying drums in Klagenfurt, he graduated in jazz in 2002. He has worked in various classical orchestras and ensembles in Austria, and has played with jazz soloists such as Michael Erian. Primus Sitter or Thomas Wallisch.

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