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Notes from the Arranger:
ED142_D - A Pocket Overture Score -

This was a commissioned work, originally for accordion orchestra and premiered at the Royal Festival Hall, London, February 1993, by Jenny's Accordions, with the composer conducting. It was re-arranged for full symphony orchestra and received its New Zealand premiere in July 1993 with Auckland's youth symphonic orchestra, Orchestra Nova.

This miniature overture is similar to a pocket containing many treasures, little "goodies" collected over a period of time, in as much as it consists of several snippets of the melodies and rhythms from the composer's other compositions.

A Pocket Overture was awarded first prize in the ATG (Accordion Teachers' Guild of America) 31st annual competition, for original composition, in July 1993.

Since then, it has been performed extensively in the USA and Europe by the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra and a number of other accordion orchestras. Performances of this work have received many standing ovations in Europe and North America and it has also been performed successfully at major competitions.

This work is performed on the CD titled Accordion Concert Music.

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