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Notes from the Composer:

ED0066 Fireside Fantasies (Duet) for accordion and piano.

This work is the 1st in a series of three pieces.

The three pieces are available individually. 
ED0066 - Fireside Fantasies - accordion & piano
ED0067 - The Awakening - accordion & piano
ED0068 - The Journey - accordion & piano

the three together at:
ED0065 - Three Songs (Duet) composition is for accordion and piano.

Released on CD Rhapsody by Gary Daverne for accordion with NZ Symphony Orchestra backing.

Gary Daverne originally composed the Three Songs, as choral works with piano accompaniment. Choral group, Viva Voce, recorded them with full orchestral accompaniment by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Many years later, they were especially arranged as accordion solos for American accordionist, Mary Tokarski and recorded using the original orchestral backing tracks.

The names of the three songs were changed to avoid any confusion.
1. I will Light a Fire to Fireside Fantasies
2. The Day of Aranga to the The Awakening
3. Man That is Born of Woman to The Journey

Both versions have been recorded and released on CD.

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