Catalog: battiston106 - 3 Balkan Dances arranged by Ivano Battiston for accordion and recorder.

Notes from the Composer: 3 Balkan Dances are three short pieces written for recorder and accordion and inspired by the folklore of Serbia and Macedonia. The song titles are also the names of some Balkan villages. Hum, Surduk, Rakita. In the three pieces you can find particular rhythmic games and virtuosities.

Listen to these arrangements, super encore pieces and hear the applause at the end.

Video: 3 Balkan Dances (Hum , Surduk, Rakita), performed as encores by David Bellugi and Ivano Battiston for a concert in Krasnoyarsk, Russia with the Krasnoyarsk Chamber Orchestra (artistic director: Michael Beniumov). The famous theme of the last dance is an "audience winner".

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