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Catalog: Grayson02eT
Title: Symbols of Semionov album, Grayson Masefield
Symbols of Semionov album cover by Grayson Masefield Catalog: Grayson02eT

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Symbols of Semionov CD back cover


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  1. Divertimento, I - Legend Viatcheslav Semionov 3:45 €1.10
  2. Divertimento, II - Nostalgia Viatcheslav Semionov 4:59 €1.45
  3. Divertimento, III - Journey Viatcheslav Semionov 3:50 €1.10
  4. Prophetic Dream Viatcheslav Semionov 6:01 €1.85
  5. Unforgettable (arr. on theme by J.Williams) Viatcheslav Semionov 3:27 €1.10
  6. Basqueriad, I - Corrida Viatcheslav Semionov 4:31 €1.25
  7. Basqueriad, II - Basque Melody Viatcheslav Semionov 3:11 €1.10
  8. Basqueriad, III - Carnaval Viatcheslav Semionov 3:19 €1.10

Catalog: grayson02
Title: Symbols of Semionov CD, Grayson Masefield
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