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1. Rhapsodie Espagnol
by Eugene Ettore performed by Rita Davidson
4:22 Track 1
2. Concert Etude No.2
by Eugene Ettore performed by Rita Davidson
3:14 Track 2
3. Agitato
by Eugene Ettore performed by Rita Davidson
3:58 Track 3
4. Contrast
by Eugene Ettore performed by Rita Davidson
5:10 Track 4
5. Sonatina
by Eugene Ettore performed by Rita Davidson
4:16 Track 5
6. Lullaby and Awakening
by Eugene Ettore performed by Rita Davidson
3:59 Track 6
7. Waltz
by Eugene Ettore performed by Rita Davidson
2:43 Track 7
8. Introduction, Cadenza and Tarantella
by Eugene Ettore performed by Rita Davidson
4:14 Track 8

Rita Davidson, accordionist, educator, editor, and curator, studied with the noted composer Eugene Ettore [1921-1985].

The album is now a free download to widely promote the music of Eugene Ettore to the accordion world.

Eugene EttoreRita Davidson Barnea of New York City is an accomplished accordionist and music teacher, regularly presents workshops and adjudicates at important accordion competitions.

Rita Barnea, now retired, taught Pre-K to Grade 5 vocal music and special education music in the West Orange, NJ public schools for many years where she used the accordion every day in her music classes to accompany her chorus, music festivals and programs!

The principals of the schools were especially pleased she played the accordion because a music room was not always available. The use of the accordion allowed the curriculum to be taught not only without losing any quality of teaching but also making the music class experience so much more positive, interactive, and enjoyable for the students.

For example, she led the entire school in a flag song each morning which was paged throughout the school. She did this by bringing her accordion to the main office where the broadcast originated. The accordion plays an important role in the life of a music teacher, especially one that does not have a dedicated music room!

Rita is an honors graduate of the University of Connecticut with a degree in Music Education. She is on the Governing Board of the American Accordionists' Association (AAA). Rita studied accordion with Eugene Ettore, former AAA President and noted accordion composer. Rita has attended accordion festivals and competitions for many years where she judges both accordion and piano.

She also presents workshops and concerts on the "Life and Music of Eugene Ettore" and "The Use of the Accordion in the Teaching of Music in School". Rita has performed on faculty recitals and presents programs at senior citizen centers. She also plays Klezmer music and gives workshops on Klezmer Music.For many years, Rita has presented workshops and concerts at the AAA Accordion Festivals throughout the USA. One of her topics is the "The Life and Music of Eugene Ettore". She also has presented workshops/concerts at the AAMS {American Accordion Musicological Society} Accordion Festival, the NAA, and the FMAE {Frank Marocco Accordion Event} in Arizona.

In the past she has performed Eugene Ettore's "Manhattan Concerto" with the Westmont Accordion Orchestra, Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra, the NJ Intergenerational Orchestra and the Roxborough Symphony Orchestra in Philadelphia.

Rita is the creator and curator of the Eugene Ettore Memorial Website. It contains photos, articles, and other valuable information about Eugene Ettore. For comments/information contributions: Ritabelll@aol.com

Rita also has a busy children's birthday party business in which she utilizes the accordion to entertain young children. Not only is it an enjoyable and portable means to entertain, but this program also serves to educate and expose young children to the possibilities of the accordion. She also gives workshops on "How to Organize a Children's Birthday Party" centered around the use of the accordion.

Rita Davidson Barnea was approached to become the Editor of the Accordion USA News in December 2008. This popular online monthly publication covers accordion events, artists, concerts, etc. which take place on the North American continent. Rita welcomes accordion news, photos, and information for the USA News.

Email: Ritabelll@aol.com
Phone: +1 201-675-4861