eTrack Music by Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra - On Tour! Album

Catalog: anzao201

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1. To Europe Medley - arr. Daverne 5:53 € 1.15
2. Caravan - Ellington arr. Daverne 2:55 € 0.80
3. From a Distance - Gold arr. Daverne 4:20 € 0.80
4. Entry of the Queen of Sheeba - Handel 2:59 € 0.80
5. A Whole New World from 'Alladin' - Menken/Rice arr. Daverne 3:30 € 0.80
6. William Tell Overture - Rossini 3:27 € 0.80
7. Sakkijarven Polka - traditional arr. Daverne 2:20 € 0.80
8. Razzle Dazzle - Kalhoun arr. Daverne 2:18 € 0.80
9. Swingin' Safari - Kaempfert arr. Daverne 2:30 € 0.80
10. Everything I Do - Adams/Lange/Kamen arr. Daverne 4:15 € 0.80
11. Blues medley - arr. Daverne 3:14 € 0.80
12. Auckland City of Sails - Daverne 3:14 € 0.80
13. Promised Land - Chuck Berry 2:42 € 0.80
14. Radetzky March - Strauss arr. Muench 2:52 € 0.80
15. Russlan and Ludmilla Overture - Glinka arr. K. Friedrich 5:16 € 1.15
16. Rave On - Wes.t/Petty/Tilghman arr. Daverne 2:38 € 0.80

Catalog anzao201
Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra
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Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra History and other information

About New Zealand Historical Recordings Series

The New Zealand Accordion Association Inc (NZAA) has a project in support of the Dargaville Museum 'Accordion Gems  ...A Master Collection of Accordions through Time' ...  This major accordion display was initiated by our NZAA Life Member Kevin Friedrich.

The NZAA project is to find all the old historic recordings of accordion performance. Many of these performances were recorded in high quality for National Broadcast Radio or on LP or EP's.  The NZAA project is to remaster these historic recordings to modern digital files, able to be played as CD's.

Gary Daverne has already remastered some of them for the NZAA, to be ready in time for the NZAA 40th Anniversary Celebrations, 4th and 5th June 2011. Gary Daverne has been of invaluable assistance in this remastering of these old recordings and we thank him for his greatly appreciated help.

The results are very good quality, so much so, that the decision has been made to re-release these recordings on the website as well as to have them form part of the Dargaville Museum accordion history display.

Recorded: Airforce Recording Studios Limited
Producers: Fay-ellen Schaw, Harley Jones
Sound Engineers: Tim Foreman, Luke Tomes

Conductor: Fay-ellen Schaw
Directors: Fay-ellen Schaw, Harley Jones, Heather Masefield
Sarah Langley (Lead accordion), Campbell Bettridge, Kim Chatfield, Karen Ditchburn, Steven Green, Johann Handwerk, Linley Hawkes, Brenden Healy, Phillip Hunt, Cindy Jenkins, Erica Knights, Paul Lummis (drummer), Angela Maloy, Rhonda Morrison, Michael Old, Linda Price, Lionel Reekie (vocalist and MIDI accordion), Wendy Robinson, Adriana Schaw (keyboard), Evana Selak, Mia Stafford-Bush, Stephen Vincent (sound), Emma Wolf

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