eTrack Music by Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra presents "According To The Ambassador"

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1. New Zealand in Song 9:59 € 1.15
2. Home-coming 5:58 € 1.15
3. Land of Maui 3:42 € 0.80
4. I Just Called to Say I Love You 4:47 € 0.80
5. The Kiwi Bird Dance 3:10 € 0.80
6. Italian" Symphony No. 4, A Major, (4th Movement) 6:08 € 1.15
7. Surprise" Symphony in G Major, (4th Movement) 5:25 € 1.15

Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra presents "According To The Ambassador" - 1986

1986 Album Cover text:

Formed in 1976 the Air New Zealand Accordion Orchestra (formerly the North Shore Accordion Orchestra) has toured overseas extensively, its objective being to extend the hand of friendship and goodwill through music, the international language and to promote New Zealand as a country of great beauty and genuine hospitality.

Recognising their contribution to international friendship and understanding, the New Zealand Government has honoured this group of fine young musicians by appointing the Air NewZealand Accordion Orchestra, a New Zealand Cultural Ambassador.

The unique sound of the orchestra, while having its roots in the folk heritage of New Zealand's diverse cultures, is very much a sound of today. The fascinating blend of reeds, drums, glockenspiel, organ, synthesizer, percussion instruments and voices never fails to appeal.

The orchestra members are proud to present for your enjoyment a selection of items from the concert program that was prepared for their 4th International Goodwill Concert Tour (1986) to Hawaii, Germany, Switzerland and England.

New Zealand in Song"

In its role as a Cultural Ambassador the orchestra performs a wide selection of New Zealand music including this medley that was arranged by Auckland composer, Gary Daverne. It contains many of our most cherished melodies, traditional songs of love, greeting and farewelI, the Maori Haka challenge, and concludes with our National Anthem.

This ballad describes the thoughts of a New Zealander flying home; the people, the places and memories of the special way of life that is New Zealand.

"Land of Maui"
Is a musical invitation to listeners to "come visit our land". In a light-hearted manner it relates a legend from Maori folklore of how New Zealand "came to be, with a jawbone for a hook it was fished up from the sea".

"The Kiwi Bird Dance"
A novelty arrangement of a popular dance tune, incorporating New Zealand themes, a European polka in honour of the tour to Europe, many percussion instruments and a variety of New Zealand native bird calIs.

"I Just Called to Say I Love You"
An important part of this orchestra's program is the music of today. The players enjoy using a unique blend of instruments to achieve a fresh and stimulating arrangement of this enormously popular Stevie Wonder hit.

"Italian" Symphony No. 4, A Major, (4th Movement)"
This vibrant closing movement from one of Mendelssohn's finest symphonies, has the exciting rhyrhm and style of the Italian carnival dance, the Saltarello. The arrangement is symphonic with each accordion representing a different orchestral instrument.

"Surprise" Symphony in G Major, (4th Movement)
This delightful Hadyn symphony "the Surprise" was so named because of the loud chord which suddenly breaks upon the quiet and gentle opening theme. Hadyn in a spirit of playfulness, apparently said 'there, the ladies will scream".

"New Zealand in Song" arr Daverne
"Italian" Symphony No.4 in A. 4th movt. Mendelssohn
"Home-coming" Daverne

"I Just Called To Say I Love You" Wonder, arr Daverne
"Land of Maui" Daverne, lyrics Knight

"Surprise" Symphony in G Major, 4th movt. Haydn
“Kiwi Bird Dance” arr. Daverne

Conductor: Fay-ellen Schaw
Directors: Fay-ellen Schaw, Heather Masefield (organ), Harley Jones
Members: Ian Masefield (co-ordinator), Alison Blunden, Helen Robinson (glockenspiel/acc.), Kim Chatfield, Lionel Reekie (acc/vocal), Matthew Hawkes (acc/synthesizer), Michael Dennis, Michael Pigneguy (drums/vocal), Oliver Specht, Patricia Walton (lead vocal), Robert Blunden, Sharon Marshall (acc/vocal), Stephanie Grey, Stephen Gutmann, Stephen Vincent

New Zealand Historical Recordings Series

About New Zealand Historical Recordings Series

The New Zealand Accordion Association Inc (NZAA) has a project in support of the Dargaville Museum 'Accordion Gems  ...A Master Collection of Accordions through Time' ...  This major accordion display was initiated by our NZAA Life Member Kevin Friedrich.

The NZAA project is to find all the old historic recordings of accordion performance. Many of these performances were recorded in high quality for National Broadcast Radio or on LP or EP's.  The NZAA project is to remaster these historic recordings to modern digital files, able to be played as CD's.

Gary Daverne has already remastered some of them for the NZAA, to be ready in time for the NZAA 40th Anniversary Celebrations, 4th and 5th June 2011. Gary Daverne has been of invaluable assistance in this remastering of these old recordings and we thank him for his greatly appreciated help.

The results are very good quality, so much so, that the decision has been made to re-release these recordings on the website as well as to have them form part of the Dargaville Museum accordion history display.

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