By Wallace Liggett
(1936 - 2020)

The History of the Accordion in New Zealand by Wallace Liggett The History of the Accordion in New Zealand has been written to preserve an important part of New Zealand musical heritage that might otherwise be lost. This book is comprehensive enough to include a summary of the invention and development of the accordion in Europe during the 19th Century and its earliest introduction to New Zealand, followed by an account of the growth of interest in the accordion since that time.

Here is a book that faithfully traces the accomplishments of which New Zealanders are justifiably proud. Not only the formation of accordion organisations but also many interesting vignettes from accordion personalities lives are included together with early and developmental information. Author Wallace Liggett has called on his extensive accordion and educational background over three years of exhaustive research to produce this comprehensive and interesting reference work.

This book has been commissioned by the New Zealand Accordion Association, to ensure that information about the early history of the accordion in New Zealand, the individuals and their struggle for the wider acceptance and appreciation of the accordion by musicians and public alike, is not lost through the passage of time.

Three years of research has resulted in a book that has grown from a projected maximum 100 pages to over 270 pages of text, information lists and photographs to become a major reference work for the accordion. Some 545 New Zealand associations, orchestras, and accordionists are included in the book and it even includes a chapter about the "Invention and Development of the Accordion" which can be used as a reference by all accordion examination candidates.

The New Zealand Accordion Association hopes that its publication will be well supported and has kept the price to a minimum to encourage sales.

The "History of the Accordion in New Zealand" gives both factual information and personal glimpses of many of the individuals and organisations that have been involved, so that other musicians and even non musicians will find details of interest.

The New Zealand Accordion Association is proud to sponsor this book, copies of which can be bought using the Order Form.

In 2011 for the 40th Anniversary of the NZAA, author Wallace Liggett wrote an update of the book to cover the history of the accordion in New Zealand since the original book was written. This update, until June 2011 is available as an Acrobat pdf file, free of charge and emailed to the client with each new order of the book.

The author passed away 18 October 2020 and there is available a number of compositions and arrangements on his website at: Wallace Liggett.

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