Part 1 - Theory (basics, numerous practical examples, interval position charts, chord tables).
Part 2 - Practice (15 new music pieces from easy to intermediate difficulty).
Format: 30.5 x 23.0 cm · 120 pages · paperback · high quality print and type.
Dual language book in German and English.

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Accordion Jazz Chords is the first extensive instruction book for beginning and advanced players that describes in an easily understandable and yet extensive manner a method for playing free harmonics on the standard bass accordion.

Learn jazz and entertainment music with colorful musical bass accompaniment, using the entire world of harmonies, far beyond the common major, minor, and seventh chords, despite the restrictions of the bass chord system. This is book generally applicable to nearly all types of accordion. Its improvising made easy - no fear of false tones!

Examples from the Contents:
ten rules for improvising; basics; chord terminology and symbols; tips for playing with jazz chords; practical examples; addendum (jazz history, jazz improvisation, glossary).

With valuable chord tables, interval position charts, playing assistance, fingering suggestions, and a large section with 15 new music compositions, this book is an educational diamond.

Jazz chords on the standard bass accordion! Anyone who formerly thought, that only familiar om-pah-pah accompaniment could be played on the traditional standard bass accordion will learn something new here.

For the first time, the interested reader is provided instruction in easily understandable yet extensive and profound form, how leading masters of jazz and elevated entertainment music forge their impressive performances.

Norbert Seidel has tackled a problem for which many people - even professionals - believed there was no satisfactory musical solution. Here he opens for the standard bass accordion and its players, totally new musical worlds and makes it possible, for practically everyone to play freely in the world of tones and harmonies.

In the first part of the book, he presents the basics of music theory, gives didactically founded playing assistance, includes valuable chord tables and interval position charts, and shows how the interested musician can advance independently and discover new harmonic horizons.

In the second part, through 15 of his own music compositions, he provides the possibility to apply directly what has been learned. Beginners as well as advanced players will receive much value from this instruction book.

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