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Accordion Anthology’ (published in 2016) is aimed at accordion enthusiasts, including those who are new to the instrument. It contains a variety of articles and biographies, written in the style of the ‘An A to Z of the Accordion’ series, but with the larger page size and colourful visual layout of ‘Accordion: A Pictorial History’. This book has six chapters: Getting to Know the Accordion, Accordions, Articles of General Interest, CD/DVD/Book Reviews, Biographical Writings, and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Articles: Getting to Know the Accordion; Making a start; Some Useful Contacts; Accordion Tips and Hints (written by Steve Roxton); Be a Better Player (by Rosemary Wright); Use of the Couplers (by James Sexton); Playing For Others (by Rosemary Wright); The Ken Hopkins Collection; Manfrini Accordions (Robert Rolston’s revival of a great manufacturing name); Evolution of the Accordion (by Colin Norton); Melodica, Accordina, Steirische Harmonica; The Accordion Concerto; The Accordion and Popular Music; Accordion Festivals; Accordion Dynasties; The Northern Ireland Open Championships; Zuckerbrod & Peytsche; Tales & Trivia; More Tales & Trivia; Polka and the Accordion; Reviews (Gordon Pattullo CD ‘the accordion’, Joey Miskulin CD ‘The Other Side of the Fence’, Luke Daniels – CD ‘Tribute to William Hannah’, Will Pound & Eddy Jay – CD ‘Ignite’, John Kirkpatrick – CD ‘The Dance of the Demon Daffodils’, Sharon Shannon – CD/DVD ‘In Galway’, ‘Toralf Tollefsen World Artist’ – book); Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...

Biographical Writings: (** indicates an autobiographical article): Amanda Robinson, André Verchuren, Brandon McPhee, David Vernon**, Dawn Loombe, Dermot Lyons, Eddie Hession, Finbarr Dwyer, Freeland Barbour**, Gary Forrest, Bartosz Glowacki, Matthew MacLennan, A Tribute to Gervasio Marcosignori, Gordon Pattullo**, Helen Maher, Helen Rich, Jack Emblow**, Jackie Hearst, Nathan Carter, Joe Cooley Remembered, John Jones MBE**, A Tribute to John Leslie, Ksenija Sidorova, Classic Kyiv Duo, Kosmos, Lars Ek, Igor Outkine, Leonard Brown, Malachy Cairns, Michael Coyne, Martynas Levickis, V. Marceau, Paul Chamberlain**, Pearl Fawcett-Adriano**, Rob Howard’s ‘French Connection’** – The ‘Allo ‘Allo Experience and Renault Mégane: ‘Can a car change a town?’, Stewart Walker**, William Hannah

Accordion Anthology is lavishly illustrated throughout with 320 colour and black & white photographs, and is an A4 sized high quality hardback. For further information contact Rob Howard on (0161) 480 8858; email

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Book Review - Accordion Anthology – Review
Box & Fiddle (September 2016)

Rob Howard has written a wonderful series of books on the accordion and Accordion Anthology, which was published on May 6th, is no exception. If you love, or even just like the accordion, then you just have to add this book to your collection. Accordion Anthology is the successor to Rob’s A to Z of the Accordion series, Vintage Accordions and Accordion: A Pictorial History. This new title incorporates the writing style of the A to Z series. The book is a balance between articles and biographies with a section at the beginning refreshingly aimed at those who are new to the accordion. Rosemary Wright and Steve Roxton both contribute articles intended for aspiring players and performers. Such material in my view is in such short supply so it’s great to see the inclusion of material that will hopefully encourage and inspire budding players.

Some of the finest names in the accordion world have also contributed auto biographical articles for the book. How about this for a list of top names, Gordon Pattullo, David Vernon, Freeland Barbour, Stewart Walker, Paul Chamberlain, Jack Emblow, John Jones MBE and Pearl Fawcett-Adriano just to mention a few. This book is literally packed full of interesting articles and photographs (the majority in colour) which will keep accordion fans everywhere amused for hours and hours.

The book is split into six chapters, Getting to Know the Accordion, Accordions, Articles of General Interest, CD, DVD and Book Reviews, Biographical Writings and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Rob has also included an article which outlines to readers his experience of appearing in stage versions of Allo Allo and a Renault Megane TV commercial. Experiences that Rob claims nearly made him well known! Rob has clearly put a lot of research and hours of painstaking work in to producing this book as I know he’s equally done with all his others. We accordion enthusiasts have got to be greatly indebted to Rob for his vision, hours of hard work, but more importantly for the visibility and profile he’s given our much loved instrument.

I for one, Rob salute you and I’m in total admiration for all you’ve achieved. My strong advice to you is to get your hands on a copy of this excellent book while you can. I’ll guarantee you will treasure it forever. Accordion Anthology contains 320 photographs, mainly in colour, and is an extremely high quality production. The book costs a mere snip at Euro 17 plus postage. Don’t delay, order today. You will not regret it! Very highly recommended.

A few customer comments:

* Everyone who plays or love accordions needs to get this book. Congratulations to Rob on a great job of research and writing - Joey Miskulin, Nashville, USA
* The new book is great – Heather Smith, Hull
* Another great book! – Shane Brogan, Edinburgh
* I would like to thank Rob Howard for recognising my life's work in the accordion in is his latest publication ‘Accordion Anthology’. Rob has put in a tremendous amount of hours compiling this book, and it is a must read for all accordion enthusiasts – Robert Rolston.
* Loving the book – Adrienne Sharpe, Stockport
* A great read – Gary Blair, Glasgow
* The best book yet – Lou Ambrose, West Midlands
* Delighted to be included in Accordion Anthology. Another fantastic book - Amanda Robinson, Northern Ireland
* I'll echo ..."Delighted to be included in Accordion Anthology. Another fantastic book" – Helen Rich, Manchester
* Rob, I found the Anthology most interesting. Well done – Pat Gray, Aberdeen
* I really enjoyed the book. Very informative – Robin Waitt (The Bon Accords), Dumfries
* Your book is something else - beautifully presented and written – Martina Hall, Stockport
* Rob (and anyone else) - it's a fantastic read - please get it and enjoy – Seamus O’Sullivan, Glasgow
* Hi Rob, I am honoured to be included in Accordion Anthology. This latest release is produced to your usual high standard - it is excellent quality and very well laid out. A must for all accordion fans and I hope it is selling well. It is a welcome addition to my collection along with your previous books – Gordon Pattullo, Perthshire.
* Rob’s latest book is a very informative and enjoyable read, and enhanced by numerous colour photographs, and at a very reasonable price – Peter Ayers (MD Norvic Concordia), Norwich.

About the Author Rob Howard

Only €17.00 or the US$ equivalent plus postage.
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