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Print copies sold out and now this book has been made available in eBook format only (.pdf format) able to be sent to you by email. Author Rob Howard has most generously made the book free of charge to those who email him for a copy. Email Rob Howard: robaccord5@hotmail.com

Accordion: A Pictorial History
tells the story of the accordion, from its origins in the early 1800s up to the present day. The book is fully illustrated throughout with over 300 colour photographs, each with information, plus several articles. The articles include: What’s in a name?; Busson – first of the great accordion builders; Significant developments in the 19th Century; Concertinas; Pietro Frosini, Guido and Pietro Deiro – the Big Three of their era; The 1930s – The era of the accordion bands begins; The 1940s – Revisiting the Uniform keyboard; Italy, Hohner, and East Germany – the post-war era; Syd Lewis…and the end of an era (written by Steve Roxton); Recent Times; Helmi Harrington’s ‘A World of Accordions’ museum.

Most of the pictures come from the huge Ken Hopkins collection in Northern Ireland, with others contributed by The Accordion Shop, Ron Bennett, Gary Blair, Tony Compton, Colin Ensor, Edwin Erickson (Canada), Skyler Fell (USA), Jean Hanger, Helmi Harrington (USA), Reza Hasani (Iran), Caroline Hunt, Roy Magna, Gordon Pattullo, Danielle Pauly (France), Barry Smith, Heather Smith, Bernard Wrigley, Alan Young, etc.

This book is a sequel to Vintage Accordions (2011) and is similar in format, but adds much new information, and has different articles and photographs. Accordion: A Pictorial History is a high quality production, A4 sized hardback, and makes an ideal present for any accordion enthusiast!

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A few customer comments:
“Money very well spent! It’s a very worthy addition to the series” - Bert Santilly, Cambridge

“Brilliant book, Rob. I love it!” – Helen Brown, North Staffs Accordion Club

“Congratulations on the new book, and I am really enjoying it. Thank you for putting in the old Settimio, my mum and dad would have been so pleased to have seen it. That box has a lot of history! Keep up the good work” - Tony Compton, Essex

“This is, again, an excellent book, which I found fascinating. It really is a true sequel to Vintage Accordions, which was also an excellent book and contains a further wealth of material on the history of the accordion. I enjoyed looking at all your new photographs and also reading about the early French instruments. This has obviously been the result a great amount of hard work, for which I congratulate you” - Peter Ayers, Norwich

“Great book, Rob - a bit like looking in a sweetshop window, wishing I could get my hands on them!” – John Trigg, Glossop

“Hi Rob. Great service - great book! Am really enjoying this. Thanks again” – Colin Ensor, Wigan

“Hi Rob, got your book this morning. Thank you! Keep producing your books as they are a great reference and addition to the accordion’s history and literature” - Shane Brogan, Edinburgh

“Your new book arrived today. I enjoyed reading it this afternoon and will spend still more time on it later. I will also take it with me to my accordion club tomorrow evening and see if I can scare up some orders” – George Bachich, California

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eBook (pdf format) sent to you by email.
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