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Print copies sold out and now this book has been made available in eBook format only (.pdf format) able to be sent to you by email. Author Rob Howard has most generously made the book free of charge to those who email him for a copy. Email Rob Howard: robaccord5@hotmail.com

Vintage Accordions is a unique book - a beautifully illustrated all-colour history of the accordion, in its various forms, from the early years of the 19th Century right up to the present time. Most of the 300 pictures are of instruments from the large and magnificent collections owned by Ken Hopkins (Northern Ireland) and Caroline Hunt (Scotland), as featured on her famous calendars.

The book also includes some articles:
‘Vintage accordions – Origins’,
‘The accordion spreads globally’,
‘The Age of the Concertina’,
‘19th Century Literary figures and the accordion’,
‘The piano accordion reaches Britain’,
‘Castelfidardo – Epicentre of the Accordion World!’,
‘Uniform Keyboard’, ‘Coming up to date…’, and
‘Vintage Accordion LPs, EPs & 78s on CD’.

This book is a limited edition, A4 sized, 60 pages, and in hardback. It costs 12 Euro.

The Author Rob Howard, is renowned for his series of books titled An A to Z of the Accordion and Related Instruments, Volume 1 through Volume 4.

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eBook (pdf format) sent to you by email.
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