Friedrich Lips, Concert Artist, Professor

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It Seems Like Yesterday
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The book of the People's Artist of Russia, Professor of the Russian Gnesin Academy of Music Friedrich Robertovich Lips tells about wonderful musicians - teachers, composers, conductors, performers, with whom fate brought him together. Possessing a bright literary gift, the author in detailed analytical articles, memoirs, small sketches creates living creative portraits of his contemporaries, who are now living, as well as those who have passed away in the last decade, talks about the events that made the artist's life so rich. The book will be of great help to everyone who studies and performs modern music for accordion. Of undoubted interest for class work in the specialty are the annotations to the numerous CDs of the author.

The publication contains many photographs that complement the text.

The final section of the book is fact-based: world premieres of the author, discography, a list of scientific and methodological works, a brief biographical note.

The book is addressed to a wide range of readers: professionals and lovers of music, pupils and students of all levels of education in music schools. It is also recommended for use in lectures on the history of folk instrumental art.

Word of the author

Forewords Joan Sommers, Helmi Harrington, Thomas Aßmus


Yemanshelinsk - Travel to the Crimea - D.B. Kabalevsky in Artek

I tell you about my father ...

The first teacher - Victor Stepanovich Brysgalin


In memory of Semyon Grigoryevich Eydinov (1911-1983)

A significant figure in folk instrument art - Sergey Mikhailovich Kolobkov

The bayan factory in Plyushchikha district

Klingenthal – 1969

Меssiaen‘s music for the first time on the bayan

The emergence of the ricochet on the bayan

"Old" New Year - The creation of the Third Sonata by Vl. Solotaryov

First recordings on All-Russian radio

The admission of Vl. Solotaryov in the Composers Union

Klingenthal – 1975. An irreplaceable loss

Two posters for a concert

Vladislav Solotaryov (1942 – 1975)

Letters of Vladislav Solotaryov to Fridrikh Lips

Let's talk about the bayan!

Ural Trio

What a song without bayan

The creation of the anthologies for bayan literature

An unsent letter - Alexander Kovtun (1957 – 1994)

Music festivals in Amsterdam and Lockenhaus

Мogens Ellegaard (1935 – 1995)

Walks with Аlexander Shurbin

Crying and complaining for bayan - Kirill Volkov

Sofia Gubaidulina - "Seven words"
"Et exspecto"
"Under the Sign of Scorpio"

The story of a work - Edison Denisov

A missing concert for bayan - Alfred Shnittke

In memory of Mogens Ellegaard

You have to live long in Russia - Sergey Berinsky (1946-1998)

A beautiful bouquet from Tаtyana Sergeyeva

Autumn melody of Аlexander Kholminov

Roman Ledenyov. Russian landscape in the Back

In the dream garden of Mikhail Bronner

Melodies and rhythms of Efrem Podgaits

“Like a water-buffalo“ - Yuji Takahashi

Passion for Astor

“We don't keep what we have…“

When “editor“ is not a job, but a vocation

For the anniversary of Valery Petrov

An unforgettable meeting with maestro - Ivan Yakovlevich Panitsky

The road of his dream - In memory of the brother

In memory of V.L. Puchnovsky (1932-2014)

Kobson (1937-2018)

We lose a generation of talented musicians (not just through concert activities)

Memorable creative encounters

My eternal question - pedagogy or art of interpretation?

Anecdotes - Laugh more often!

First performances - World premieres.

CD recordings

Notes on the CDs

Scientific and methodical works

Biographical notes

Index of names

Further Information:
Translation: Herbert Scheibenreif
Technical advice: Joan Sommers, Helmi Harrington, Thomas Aßmus
Proofreading: Nichola Tyrrell
Coverillustration: Katsiaryna Kashtalyan
Design: Martin Hlavacek |
Print: Print Simply GmbH | 1191 Rosbach v.d.H. (Germany)
ISBN 978-3-9519951-1-3

This book title has also been published in German:
Als wäre es gestern gewesen“ | ISBN 978-3-9519951-0-6

Future Publication:
E-book in English | ISBN 978-3-9519951-3-7
E-book in German | ISBN 978-3-9519951-2-0

380 pages - 83 photos - Format 17 x 24 cm
Euro 35 or the US$ equivalent plus postage.
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