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1. Libertango 3:52 € 0,80
2. 20 Years 4:23 € 0,80
3. Soledad 8:28 € 1,15
4. Francanapa 3:13 € 0,80
5. Fugata 2:44 € 0,80
6. Escualo 3:29 € 0,80
7. Adios Nonino 5:30 € 1,15
8. Oblivion 4:02 € 0,80
9. Bandoneon (Windy) 4:30 € 0,80
10. Se armo 2:47 € 0,80
11. Tango 4:00 € 0,80
12. My Happiness 2:15 € 0,80
13. El sol sueno 3:08 € 0,80
14. La cumparsita 3:40 € 0,80

CD019: La Cumparsita
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1. Libertango Astor Piazzolla 3:52
2. 20 Years Astor Piazzolla 4:23
3. Soledad Astor Piazzolla 8:28
4. Francanapa Astor Piazzolla 3:13
5. Fugata Astor Piazzolla 2:44
6. Escualo Astor Piazzolla 3:29
7. Adios Nonino Astor Piazzolla 5:30
8. Oblivion Astor Piazzolla 4:02
9. Bandoneon (Windy) Astor Piazzolla 4:30
10. Se armo Astor Piazzolla 2:47
11. Tango I. Stravinsky (1882-1971) 4:00
12. My Happiness J. Rosenfeld (1894-1964) / L. Desyatnikov 2:15
13. El sol sueno J. Peterburgsky (1895-1979) / L. Desyatnikov 3:08
14. La cumparsita G.H.Rodriguez (1897-1948) / A.Piazzolla 3:40

Wonderful performances of music by Astor Piazzolla performed by the ensemble "Piazzolla-Studio" consisting of:

Friedrich Lips is People's Artist of Russia, professor at the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music in Moscow. F.Lips did the first performances of about 70 bayan works of Russian composers. Among the authors devoting their compositions to the musician are Vl. Solotaryov, S.Gubajdulina, E.Denisov, A.Kholminov, R.Ledenyov, K.Volkov, S.Berinsky, E.Podgajts, M.Bronner, T.Sergeyeva, A.Shurbin, etc. F.Lips performed in the largest concert halls of the world (Great Hall of the Conservatory - Moscow, Suntory Hall - Tokyo, Lincoln Center - New York, Kennedy Center - Washington, Concertgebouw - Amsterdam) with many outstanding musicians such as G.Roshdestvensky, V.Spivakov, G.Kremer, J.Bashmet, V.Gergiev, R.Kofman, Yo-Yo Ma, etc. Among the students of professor F. Lips' class are more than 50 winners of national and international competitions. More than 30 CDs were recorded by F.Lips in different countries. Some of them were given international prices. Lips is author of two books: "The Art of Bayan Playing" and "The Art of Bayan Transcription", and also of numerous articles on problems of the bayan art. Since 1996 F.Lips has been being the head of the department of folk instruments, and since 2004 he has been managing the faculty for bayan and accordion at the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music.

Vladislav Igolinsky is professor at Moscow's Tchaikovsky Conservatory and at the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music. He is Merited Artist of Russia. He finished the Moscow Conservatory and his postgraduate studies in the class of professor L.Kogan, an outstanding violinist. He has been touring many countries of the world, including Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Finland, South Korea, Japan, Holland, Taiwan, etc. He cooperated with conductors such as V.Fedoseyev, V.Gergiev, V.Sinaisky, M.Ermler, G.Provatorov, G.Gostiny, Y.Takahashi, F.Shtrobel, etc. He played in ensembles with N.Shtarkman, V.Tonkha, F.Lips, A.Ljubimov, I.Frolov, S.Igolinsky, T.Sergeyeva. During many years V.Igolinsky performed premieres of national composers at different festivals such as "Moscow autumn" and has recordings on records, CDs, radio and TV.

Kirill Rodin has finshed the Moscow Conservatory in 1986 and his postgraduate studies in the class of professor N.Shahovskaya in 1989. K.Rodin is winner of the International P.I.Tchaikovsky-Competition (1st price and Gold medal in 1986), winner of XIV International Competition "Jeunesses musicales" in Belgrad (1st price and price "Golden harp"). K.Rodin is senior lecturer of the Moscow Conservatory. K.Rodin is full of concert activities, being the soloist of the Moscow state academic philarmonic society. He has been touring Russia and abroad (more than 40 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand), and performing with leading orchestras and conductors. Since 2001 K.Rodin has been working as a guest professor at the Beijing Conservatory . He constantly is giving master-classes in Russia and abroad.

Svjatoslav Lips has finished the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory and his postgraduate studies in 2000 (class of prof. L.Naumov). He is winner of the 1st price of the international youth competition of pianists "Città di Stresa" (Italy, 1991) and 1st price and gold medal at the international piano competition "Maria Canals" in Barcelona (Spain,1994). He was touring Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, etc. He performed in ensembles with such outstanding musicians as violinists G.Kremer, V.Igolinsky, A.Gutnikov; bayanist F.Lips; violoncellists K.Rodin, V.Tonkha; percussionist M.Pekarsky; soprano T.Kuindzhi, etc. He repeatedly played with orchestras under A.Borejko, D.Liss, V.Poljansky, V.Ponkin, M.Shtsherbakov, U.Shnajder (Switzerland), F.P.Dekker (Canada), etc. S.Lips played in the largest halls of the world: "Palau de la Musica Catalana" in Barcelona, "Sala Mozart" in Saragossa, "Teatro Victoria Eugenia" in San Sebastian (Spain); "Dr. Oetker Halle" in Bielefeld, "Tonhalle" in Düsseldorf (Germany); "Kokusai Forum Centre" in Tokyo, "Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory", "House of Music" in Moscow. He has numerous CD-recordings.

Musicians who took part in the ensemble "Piazzolla-Studio" in different years:

Vladimir Tonkha is professor, head of the department for violoncello, harp and double bass at the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music in Moscow, People's Artist of Russia. He did the first performances of many works of Russian composers such as S.Gubajdulina, R.Ledenev, M.Bronner, K.Volkov, etc. He has been touring many countries of the world.

Mark Pekarsky is professor at Moscow's Tchaikovsky Conservatory and Merited Artist of Russia. He is founder and art director of ensembles of percussion instruments. He did the first performances of many works of Russian and foreign composers such as A.Shnittke, S.Gubajdulina, E.Denisov and many others. He has been touring many countries of the world.

Nikolay Lgovsky has finished the Russian Gnessin Academy of Music. He has been studying with well-known teacher-performers such as S.S.Lobanov, M.I.Pekarsky, V.V.Fedin. Nikolay Lgovsky premiered many works for percussion instruments written by well-known composers such as S.Gubajdulina and E.Denisov. He has been touring Russia, Western Europe and USA.


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