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Why write a book about sound in the accordion?

Sound diversity in the accordion is such that many accordionists wish to explore the potential of their instruments to the full.

It is sometimes difficult to imagine that this instrument, the accordion, through its different models and configurations, can offer up to 45 combinations of registers.

The complexity of the origins and production of sound int he accordion are such that if we wish to better understand them it is essential to look at every related aspect within the instrument.

This book, with its DVD, offers an opportunity to explore the varieties of sounds in various instruments. This incredible diversity is little known by the general public and even to some musicians.
Through the present work, several exceptional musicians have contributed to demonstrating certain registers to help the reader towards exploring and personalizing his/her instrument.

I have chosen to approach this through the eyes of the professional accordion tuner, accompanied by professional musicians , to demonstrate why so many musical cultures have chosen to adopt the accordion, a choice that owes little to pure hazard.

This book also provides an insight on how to care for and maintain your accordion, enabling you to keep your instrument in optimal playing condition.

Whatever one's opinion about the accordion, it should be, and now can be, informed.