Ricardo Llanos & Iñaki Alberdi

Iñaki Alberdi & Ricardo Llanos Generous Gift to the Accordion World.

Ricardo Llanos and Iñaki Alberdi have made a light review in 2020 of the booklet “Accordion for Composers” in English and “Acordeón para compositores” in Spanish and made it available to the accordion world as a free download.

This practical manual, published in Spanish and English, is aimed at both composers and those interested in knowing the technical and acoustic possibilities of the concert accordion.

It was prepared in 2000 by professors Ricardo Llanos Vázquez, from the Luis Aramburu Municipal School of Music (Vitoria), and Iñaki Alberdi Alzaga, from the "Musikene" Basque Country Higher Music Center (San Sebastián).

An excellent document to include in the library of any accordionist as a source of information with references to scores for the accordion -soloist, chamber music and orchestra- as well as mentions of edited CDs.

We thank Iñaki Alberdi & Ricardo Llanos for this very generous gift to all accordionists and we hope that accordionists around the world will make good use of the two books to assist and encourage composers to write for the accordion.

Gratis Book Download

Another gratis publication: Ricardo Llanos Doctoral Thesis, Acoustics of the Accordion - Spain

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