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Catalog: tjianan05
CD Title: De Profundis
De Profundis CD cover
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Individual Tracks

  Name (Click for Sound Sample) Composer Time  

Prelude and Fugue in F# minor BWV 883

J. S. Bach 7:08  
2. Sequenza XIII "Chanson" L. Berio 8:58  
3. De Profundis S. Gubaidulina 11:26  
4. Jeux D'anches M. Lindberg 7:16  
5. Sonata for Piano (III) S. Barber 3:11  
6. Sonata for Piano (I)

Sonata for Piano (III)
I. Stravinsky 5:19  
7. High way for one I. Hölszky 8:52  
8. Sonata No. 6 A. Kusyakov 11:46  

De Profundis CD cover
This is an album regardless of the cost - It took whole more than six months from recording to design accomplishment. Each note is fine in the process of recording, each work is tailor-made and selected, choosing the most vigorous and sincere play after considerations. Strictly controlled design and production in order to ensure the whole album is kept to a view, concise and professional with intentional messages.

This is a challenging performance album - These top composers, L. Berio, S. Gubaidulina, M. Lindberg, A. Hölszky etc., create important modern works for accordion specifically, the diversified culture, aesthetic and creative ideas reshape the performance image and concept of accordion to extend and shock the performance limitations of the accordion.

This is a high artistic taste positioning album - Advanced sound equipment seizes all the detailed high quality, feeling all the emotion of the moment, the color and different levels of music to present a top-level spirit so that the music portrays the delicate, advancing and insightful concepts perfectly. Featuring the world’s top level of music to draw a picture, which surmounts space and time.
De Profundis CD back cover
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