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CD and DVD Title: Brahms's Smile, Tian Jianan Accordion Pop Instrumental Album
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Individual Tracks

  Name (Click for Sound Sample) Composer Time  


Victor Vlasov 4:03  
2. Mr. Ferrero Eric Bouvelle & Maurice Larcange 2:22  
3. L' Aquilon Andre Astier 3:06  
4. Shocking Valse Thomain 2:58  
5. Acquarelli Cubani L. Fancelli 4:08  
6. Radetsky March Strauss arr. D Saussard 3:54  
7. Carnevale Renzo Ruggieri 3:51  
8. Brahms's Smile Victor Vlasov 3:51  
This album is a compilation of Accordion Pop Instrumental pieces by composers and arrangers from a number of countries. The Pack contains a CD and a DVD. The eTracks album sent by download to your computer, is MP3 sound files.

Words by Prof. Wang Yupin:

Tian Jianan is a girl with a natural talent for music and this is the most important basic condition for her to learn the art of music performance.

Tian Jianan is also a girl who is willing to spend time in hard learning and this is the indispensable condition for her to succeed, especially succeed in playing instruments.

In the smooth growth of Tian Jianan, it is difficult to find a teacher who is able to identify talented people and help the talented people to grow up healthy in that diretion. A good teacher can help one to succeed, while a bad teacher can ruin a talented people. This phenomenon is nothing new now.

As to the learning of art of performance, you need not only to form perfect performing skills through severe training, but also to understand the true meaning of music with heart. Art of music performance is as broad, deep and mysterious as a sea with no end and fascinating unknown world. As long as you love it from the bottom of your heart, you can enter that wonderful world. For classical music or popular music, there is no clear and appropriate definition about it because these are just titles added by people. Music is just music and there is no classification of "high, low, civilized and wild" music. What exists in music may only be the difference in times, subjects types and writing techniques. In general, there are only differences in styles and characteristics. If you want to read them actually, you have to make great efforts. We can not say that one kind of music is more simple or difficult, and in leaning art of performance, there is no shortcut. To perform ostentatiously can only get acclaim for one time, but can not stand the test of time.

Tian Jianan is still young and I wish she can treat her achievement with a "calm" attitude. Learning music is an endless process. I wish Tian Jianan can read more, think more and keep going on the way art. The future will be bright.

Prof. Wang Yuping

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