Catalog: battiston102 Postcards composed by Ivano Battiston for sax (both soprano and baritone) and accordion.

Notes from the Arranger: Postcards is a fast-paced music compositions with movements from different parts of the world.

True travelers depart to leave: mild hearts, similar to balloons that only the case moves eternally, always say "Let's go," and they do not know why. Their wishes have the shapes of the clouds. (Charles Baudelaire)

The 7 short tracks, interlaced by a characteristic promenade whose engagement offers the presupposition for the composition can be performed in the specified sequence or in a free choice sequence.

Marco Caverni and Daniel Stratznig, in addition to being the track's devotees and early performers, have placed the work Postcards in their CD titled Colors of the World which is available online.

Listen to this exciting composition:

Uploaded on 08 June 2017. Performers are" Simone Brusoni, sax (soprano and baritone)
and Antonio Zappavigna (accordion).

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