Svan Balvan
Sven BalvanSven Balvan lives in New Zealand and is a recent University of Canterbury Graduate (Christchurch City, NZ) with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre and Film Studies, working part-time for Big Fun NZ.

His most recent theatrical involvement has been as Sound Manager in the Ferrymead Performances of Danse Macabre (2015) and Weird Tales of Midwinter (2016) by NO Productions Theatre Collective.

Sven Balvan current work experience is in coaching for special needs people at Big Fun NZ; a sub-branch of the Big Fun Organisation based in USA. The goal is to help neurodivergent children to develop sensory processing and self-confidence through gymnastics.

Classes differ between one-on-one and group/pair sessions. The program is not limited to gymnastics though as Sven also teachs Beginnerís Latin-dancing for some of the more physically capable children.

Alongside work Sven Balvan lives a physically active life committing to dance, basic gymnastics and accordion-playing. As an accordion musician, he has had nearly 5 years experience, frequently performing as a busker and entertainment musician. Most of his performance music tends to be traditional East European and Finnish tunes but also include Central European, Latino and particularly Balkan/Eurasian folk music.

Sven has also composed original tunes for 4 years now, starting with pieces inspired by Finnish and Balkan Folk and has recently begun experimental projects, influenced by film scores.


Notes from the arranger/composer for each accordion piece of the Battiston catalog of many different styles and types of accordion music.

balvan101 Oktoberfest Waltz composed by Sven Balvan.
View video at: balvan101
balvan102 Nema Kraja Planini (No End to the Mountains) instrumental Sevdalinka composed by Sven Balvan
View video at: balvan102
balvan103 Rakastan Humppa (Hmppa Dance) composed by Sven Balvan
View video at: balvan103

More music compositions and arrangements by Sven Balvan are being released shortly.

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