Walshe Essential Guide to
Accordion and Harmonica Events

Festivals and Competitions Worldwide

This book containing over 400 pages enumerates and characterizes the most important festivals and competitions in English language. It is the first publication worldwide with this comprehensive content.

Accordion and harmonica festivals and competitions have been held all over the world for decades. Yet, they have never been so numerous and well attended as today. The many new events announced in recent years make it necessary to have a compendium as reference.

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ISBN number 3-925572-08-2

This book is for:
· Music students, who can visit workshops and seminars to improve their technique and artistic interpretation.
· Harmonica instrument lovers, who learn more about the music, gain deeper insight into relations within that world, and make new friends with shared interests.
· Artists and performers of all levels and styles (amateurs and professionals), who look for opportunities to demonstrate their playing skills or become informed about events where they can be hired for performances.
· Concert goers, who enjoy the wide range of music performed-from simple folk tunes to swinging jazz and lofty classical arrangements by soloists, duos, ensembles, and orchestras.
· Buyers of instruments and materials, who shop at exhibitions for new and used instruments, accessories, and sheet music.
· Music trade business people (including instrument manufacturers, music publishers, instrument repairers, concert managers, music distributors, and shopkeepers), who find distribution channels.
· Organizers of events, who gain new ideas for activities to include and methods of presentation.
· Libraries of conservatories, music schools, clubs, and associations, who want to enable their members, their students or themselves to broaden their perspective of activities and influential people in the accordion and harmonica world.
· Travellers, who combine their love of music with sightseeing tours and cultural exchanges.

This book covers:
· Festivals - with folk, musette, varieté, tango, cajun and zydeco, classical, and modern music combined with concert series, accordion cruises, Advent and Christmas celebrations, dancing, and singing.
· Competitions - for soloists, duos, ensembles, orchestras, and compositions.
· Gatherings - with learning experiences through seminars and workshops, entertainment by amateurs and professionals, new contacts, good food, sightseeing tours, exhibitions.
· Harmonica Instruments - piano accordions, chromatic accordions, diatonic accordions, concertinas, bandoneons, harmonicas, and their many variations.

Walshe Essential Guide to Accordion and Harmonica Events: Festivals and Competitions Worldwide contains in-depth information about more than 350 events organized regularly in 45 countries on 5 continents around the world.

It informs readers where and when events are held and provides a brief description of the activities. Recent winners of competitions and jury members are named. Soloists and groups per-forming in concerts are listed.

Contact information is furnished so that detailed information can be obtained. If you have already attended accordion and harmonica music festivals and competitions, you know how much fun and informative they can be and are undoubtedly interested in learning about additional events to attend.

If you have never participated in an event of this type, reading this book will supply the motivation.

The Author
For many years, Willoughby Ann Walshe, American journalist, passionate accordionist, and technical book author collected all kinds of information pertaining to harmonica instrument events available worldwide. She worked closely with publisher Ulrich Schmülling at Karthause-Schmülling Internationale Musikverlage to present a maximum amount of information into a clearly organized and easy-to-use format. Since the Walshe Guide's appearance on bookstands, it has received great interest and rave reviews, being referred to as "sensational," "valuable reference work," "indispensable guide for everyone who is interested in what happens in the harmonica instrument scene."

Publisher: KARTHAUSE-SCHMÜLLING Publishing Corp. Germany

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