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1. Adio Nonino 7:46 € 1,15
2. Meditango 6:12 € 1,15
3. Tanguedia III 4:38 € 0,80
4. Tango Apasionado 2:02 € 0,80
5. Milonga del Angel 6:48 € 1,15
6. Muerte del Angel 3:21 € 0,80
7. Otono Porteño 5:59 € 1,15
8. Invierno Porteño 6:47 € 1,15
9. Primavera Porteño 5:18 € 1,15
10. Verano Porteño 5:56 € 1,15

CD020: ¡Buenos Dias, Astor!
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1. Adio Nonino Astor Piazzolla 7:46
2. Meditango Astor Piazzolla 6:12
3. Tanguedia III Astor Piazzolla 4:38
4. Tango Apasionado Astor Piazzolla 2:02
5. Milonga del Angel Astor Piazzolla 6:48
6. Muerte del Angel Astor Piazzolla 3:21
7. Otono Porteño Astor Piazzolla 5:59
8. Invierno Porteño Astor Piazzolla 6:47
9. Primavera Porteño Astor Piazzolla 5:18
10. Verano Porteño Astor Piazzolla 5:56

Wonderful performances of music by Astor Piazzolla performed by the ensemble "Piazzolla-Studio" consisting of:
Friedrich Lips (accordion), Vladislav Igolinsky (violin), Kirill Rodin (double bass), Svjatoslav Lips (piano)
plus musicians who took part in the ensemble "Piazzolla-Studio" in different years:
Vladimir Tonkha (double bass), Mark Pekarsky (percussion), Nikolay Lgovsky (percussion),

Friedrich Lips writes: When, in the seventies, I happened to discover some notes and discs of your tangos, I began to adore you and your music. It was an experience of overwhelming splendour, of powerful, emotional colours as well as of penetrating recitatives in oeuvres full of glowing rhythm nobody could ignore. At once I included some of your tangos in my soloist program. You achieved things in music that - at their time - J. Strauß achieved with waltzes and polkas, and F.Chopin with polonaises, waltzes and mazurkas. You raised the tango from the ballroom to the concert stage! And now they are not only danced but also listened to. They are no longer for legs only but also for ears.

In the summer of 1992, when I learned about your death at a festival in Finland, I - your admirer for long years - suddenly remembered: "He, as the only one, played his own compositions! However, this excellent music deserves to be played more often, and that in the biggest concert halls and by the best musicians!" And in September 1993 the first concert of my quintet “Piazzolla-Studio” took place in the little hall of the Moscow Conservatory: “Argentinean Tangos by Astor Piazolla”.

The world of your tangos is full of vivacity and passion; You entrusted the most secret sides of the human soul to the Bandoneon. Your easily remembered melodies which are based on smooth and powerful Latin-American rhythms, carry the listeners off to the secrets of man's nature: from pure love to passion that consumes and despises everything. In your oeuvres we also find the topic of solitude and grief: Soledad, Oblivion, Milonga del Angel, Muerte del Angel, Adios Nonino. The topic of farewell has also been continued by some of your admirers - composers of the oeuvre "Adios, Astor!" - a rather naive title.

Well, I do not think that you have left us. You just passed on to another dimension, however, you stayed with us through your unique creations. With this CD containing your wonderful tangos I tell you "Buenos Dias, Astor!"


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